POE Fex Release?

Are we closer to the release of a POE FEX? A Nexus 5500/2000 for user access?

5548-1(config)# fex 110
5548-1(config-fex)# type ?
B22HP Fabric Extender 16x10G SFP+ 8x10G SFP+ Module
N2148T Fabric Extender 48x1G 4x10G Module
N2224TP Fabric Extender 24x1G 2x10G SFP+ Module
N2232P Fabric Extender 32x10G 8x10G Module
N2232TM Fabric Extender 32x10GBase-T 8x10G SFP+ Module
N2248GV+P Fabric Extender 48x1G 4x10G POE Module
N2248T Fabric Extender 48x1G 4x10G Module

5548-1# sh ver | inc "system image"
system image file is: bootflash:/n5000-uk9.5.0.3.N2.2a.bin


  1. Good find, thanks for sharing.

    I'm a little disappointed to see the 2232TM uplink described as "8x10G SFP+"

    I'd hoped that the removable uplink module might have a 40G or 100G future. Seeing it described as SFP+ is a bit disappointing.

    OTOH, we're looking at a 5K platform (and code) which can only link to the current uplink module, so maybe there is hope after all.

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