6500 Service Module BREAK

This morning I was dealing with a failed ACE-20 upgrade; the module was stuck in a reboot loop.  For some reason, I was unable to send a BREAK via ssh, through a terminal server, in to the console of the ACE.  Without a good way to interrupt the boot sequence, and lacking physical access to the ACE, I needed a way to force the module in to ROMMON.  Luckily, the 6500's Sup720 can do it via the EOBC:

6504-1#hw-module module 2 boot ?
  <0-15>           Specify literal value for the module's boot option
  config-register  Boot using the module's config-register value
  eobc             Boot using an image downloaded through EOBC
  flash            Boot using an image in module's internal flash memory
  recovery         Trifecta X86 recovery option
  rom-monitor      Stay in rom-monitor after module reset

6504-1#hw-module module 2 boot rom-monitor

Then, issue a module reset:

6504-1#hw-module module 2 reset

Apparently, this feature has been available since SXF, but I've not needed it until now.

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